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succulent plants


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Testing for pre-order product thanks..

Additional information

Preorder Notes:

1. We expect the pre-order plants to arrive around 2 TO 3WEEKS after the pre-order closes.

2. Do note that these are bare rooted succulents that come with trimmed roots, WITHOUT SOIL AND POTS.

3. If you’d like to buy a pot for these plants, take note of the recommended pot sizes in the item name.

4. Do note that these photos are for reference only and the colours and shapes shown might not reflect the actual plant. Every plant is different and will have differing shapes and colours.

5. These are also living plants so there might be a few dropped leaves and change of shape during delivery.

6. We will try to pick a nice plant for you, but if you’d rather pick your own perfect plant, perhaps you’d want to drop by our shop to choose them instead of pre-ordering.

7. Caring tips for the plants are written in the description.

8. If your plant dies within 3 days after receiving them, please send us a photo of the dead plant and we will give you a full refund.

Delivery charges will be $6, there will be free delivery if total order is more than $80. We are only able to ship within Singapore.


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